Is Expedited Trucking Worth It?

Are you thinking of upgrading your courier service for your customers?

You should, given how instant gratification is now a considerable part of today’s society.

People now expect to get everything they want in an instant. Messaging is quicker, looking up information is only a few clicks away, and you can order food within a couple of hours.

Businesses also need goods arriving as quickly as possible. It’s not about being impatient; it’s about ensuring that the operation is going smoothly and that solutions to major problems come quickly.

This is where expedited trucking comes in. It aims to solve supply chain errors and other business emergencies by delivering the package as quickly as possible, bypassing the normal process.

You might not think that you have a need for it now but read on to see why it’s worth to consider it.

First, What’s Expedited Shipping?

Most retailers offer standard shipping, which is between 5 and 7 days. Expedited shipping is for rush orders – you may know it as same-day delivery for local orders or a couple of days for international orders.

The goal of this is getting the goods to where it needs to go in the least amount of time possible. Expedited trucking companies then streamline the process as much as they can, eliminating unnecessary stops and typically using two drivers to move shipments in one truck. The company takes your timeline into account and then formulate solutions so you can also achieve your goals.

These are also the reasons why this service is generally more expensive than regular shipping services. Then, why use expedited trucking at all?

Benefits of Using Expedited Shipping

Wondering how it would benefit your business? Take a look at some of its advantages:

  • Guaranteed delivery time
  • Fewer risks of damaged goods
  • Improved visibility
  • Additional security
  • Increased customer satisfaction

With all these reasons, you gain peace of mind. You can always check in on the status of your delivery, and you can expect it to arrive at the agreed timeframe. Less handling also improves the security and safety of your goods.

Because expedited shipping is so efficient, some companies now use it as a part of their supply chain strategy and not just a quick fix to emergencies or as a solution for time-sensitive deliveries.

When to Use Expedited Trucking

It’s great to have your goods delivered to you in an instant, but expedited transportation services aren’t the best option for every situation. In most cases, proper planning and scheduling would eliminate problems regarding timing.

However, there are times when we would need shipping to speed up. Here are examples of those times.

You’re in the Food Business

Fresh products are time-sensitive; they need to arrive at the destination with minimal loss in quality. If your business involves such kind of products, you know the importance of maintaining the freshness and minimizing the loss of nutrients and flavor.

Delivering Fragile and High-Value Items

As in delivering fresh products, fragile and high-value goods should also arrive as quickly as possible.

Multiple stops and transferring cargo services increase the risks of the goods incurring damages. The more time spent on the road, the higher the risk of theft is as well.

The sooner you receive them, the sooner you ensure that they’re safe and sound.

Product Shortage

Some businesses don’t have much need of expedited shipping when a product runs out. They can simply tag it as “out of stock” and then wait for the next delivery.

Sometimes, though, running out of a product can shut down or hinder the entire operation. In such cases, it’s better to expedite the delivery of the next batch.

Broken Machinery

Broken machinery can also shut down or hinder an entire operation, resulting in a loss of production and profits. The bad news is that if you need a replacement part, you most likely won’t find it in your local Walmart.

Most often than not, you’ll have to order from the manufacturer, which might not be near to you at all. Expedited freight service is your best solution, as it also works internationally as well.

Medical Emergency

It’s not uncommon for a medical facility to run out of tools or supplies, which is a dangerous situation. Forget the loss of profits, an emergency like this could result in loss of lives. Such cases would warrant the need for accelerated shipping the most.


Events, like trade shows and grand openings, don’t last for a few days at most. This is why when you need something, you must get it ASAP.

Sometimes, there’s not enough time to prepare for the event, too. If that’s the case, coordinate with your freight company of choice to expedite the delivery of your products, marketing materials, and such, so you can put your focus on making the event a success.

Lost Pallets

Are you missing some of your pallets? The shipping company must have forgotten about them or left them behind. They would usually then ship them to you if they find it, but this might cause delays in your operations.

Expedited services can correct this error and ensure that the delay will be minimal or non-existent at all.

Who Can Use Expedited Freight Services?

The most common types of business that use this service are the following:

  • Medical facilities
  • Factories
  • Food businesses

With that said, no business can’t use expedited shipping. If a company, big or small, wants to have something delivered as fast as possible, they have a use for expedited freight services.

Need a Trusted Expedited Freight Company?

Of course, you’ll only be able to enjoy the benefits of expedited trucking if you get a reliable company that stays true to their promise. You’ll have to trust them to handle your goods with care and at the same time, deliver them on time.

If you want the best in the industry, contact us now and let us provide you with the solutions you need for your business.