The Benefits of Freight Consolidation Every Shipper Should Know About

You can overcome the challenges of moving your goods with freight consolidation.

Companies need ways to do more faster – and with fewer resources. Freight consolidation has emerged as a consistent winner in this regard.

Today, shipment routing is complex. Nevertheless, the benefits of freight consolidation are well worth it. The payoff for adding the practice to your shipping mix far outweighs the effort to make use of it.

Resultantly, a growing number of shippers are making use of freight consolidation. To learn more about the benefits of freight consolidation, read on.

Understanding Freight Consolidation

Freight consolidation lowers the cost of shipping. It also increases shipping security.

Different companies have varying names for the service. For instance, you may also hear freight consolidation referred to as cargo consolidation. You might also hear it called less-than-truckload shipping.

With freight consolidation, different shippers bundle their shipments in a single load. A shipping company then ships the goods to their destination.

This arrangement is beneficial for the shippers. However, it’s also beneficial for recipients who are waiting for goods.

Freight consolidation enables shippers to ship multiple products at the same time. It eliminates the need to send small shipments separately.

Accordingly, freight consolidation works well for companies that only ship a few pallets. It also works well for companies that ship goods less frequently.

Sometimes, a consolidated shipment might originate from multiple suppliers. Other times, it may originate with a single supplier with various locations.

Either way, the shipping company might pick up your products. They’ll then consolidate the shipment at a warehouse freight facility.

Freight shipping simplifies the movement of goods for many companies. More importantly, it helps companies save money.

The Top Benefits of Freight Consolidation

Among the benefits of freight consolidation, cost savings top the list. Freight consolidation can help companies save costs in several ways.

Freight shipping consolidation gives companies access to lower rates. It helps to make the shipping units of businesses more profitable because the process is more efficient using this method.

Shipping companies can provide these savings by dividing the cost of shipping among clients. They’ll move goods using the same load.

This benefit prevents shippers from paying for empty space in containers. Shippers only pay for the space that they use when using freight consolidation.

By consolidating shipments to the same region, shipping companies lower the overall cost of shipping. The company’s give shippers access to bulk rates that they could not gain access to with traditional methods.

Cargo consolidation also helps companies make money. With the practice, companies can ship smaller orders.

By doing so, they can continue to generate revenue. This circumstance is a vast improvement compared to waiting for enough orders for a full shipment.

Consolidating for Success

Freight consolidation also helps to improve customer satisfaction. Your loyal customers love your products.

However, you can hurt your relationship with your customers if you don’t ship your products fast enough. Freight consolidation can help you to keep up with demand. Using the method, you can get your goods to your customers quickly.

Freight consolidation is especially helpful if you send your inventory to a consolidation facility. When you receive stock, you can send your shipment directly to the consolidation location.

In this way, your cargo consolidation partner can send your orders out right away. This practice eliminates the need to have the shipping company pick up your goods.

If you desire, you can work with your consolidation partner to have them take over your entire shipping process. By partnering with a shipping company, you can regain control over your due dates and production schedules.

However, shipping companies are flexible. You can retain as much responsibility in the process as possible.

Alternatively, you can allow your shipping partner to take over your operation fully. You can also form an arrangement that falls anywhere in between these two extremes.

Work Smarter With Cargo Consolidation

There’s a learning curve involved with shipping consolidation. Over time, you’ll learn your customers’ buying patterns. As you do, you can incorporate their habits into your consolidation process.

By doing so, you can ensure that you have inventory on hand at all times to meet demand. You can also better take advantage of consolidated freight savings.

You’ll also learn to maintain inventory based on consumer buying patterns. This practice will enable you to maximize the space that you use for consolidated shipping.

Over time, consolidated shipping will also help you to improve the consistency of your supply chain. It will also help you to reduce late shipping, lost products and misdirected shipments.

Cargo consolidation can help you build stronger relationships with your customers and carrier. Over time, you’ll learn the shipping patterns of other companies.

You can take advantage of this knowledge by sharing container space with other companies. In some instances, you can develop a shipping partnership with those companies to help you create smarter scheduling.

Your customers may not realize all of the hard work you put into streamlining your operation. However, they’ll appreciate your reliability. They’ll also appreciate your reasonable fees for transporting the goods that they order.

Partner With a Shipping Expert

Now that you know the benefits of freight consolidation, you’ll need an exceptional shipping partner.

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