Vendor Consolidation programs are another service we provide to help streamline time and expense for our customers.  It tends to be the precursor to full-blown DC bypass programs which minimize time-to-store while minimizing handling and transportation costs.

Services Include:

  • Purchase Order Verification
  • Local Pickups
  • Import FCL and LCL Pickups
  • ASN Receipt and Scan Verification
  • Outbound Scanning
  • As-Full or Timed Releases
  • On-Line Visibility
  • Flexible Pricing

So what does it mean…

What we do … What it does for you …
Purchase Order Verification
We keep you in control…expired POs don’t hit your DCs or Stores…and we handle it all.
Local Pickups
Single source solution…No Finger Pointing…it just gets done.
ASN Receipt and Scan Verification
Improved accuracy and quickly identify problem areas
Outbound Scanning
Accurate and detailed handoffs, problem area identification
On-Line Visibility
Control…you see it all every step of the way