Retail Store Deliveries are an extremely important part of our customer’s supply-chain as they represent the last mile to the shelf and ultimate sale.  Because of the restrictions and complexities on mall deliveries or even free-standing stores and the limitations on store staff and space, specialists usually handle this service…and Gilbert is one of them.

Services Include:

  • Time-Definite / Windowed Deliveries with 99% On-time Rate
  • Computerized Voice Response Unit (VRU) available 24/7 to provide:
    • Automatic status for your store deliveries via a phone call.
    • Get expected date of delivery and expected number of cartons per store.
  • Scanning capability to the store at the carton or pallet level
  • Follow-up Performance phone calls by our Staff to:
    • Verify timely delivery within Window
    • Check for any OS&D issues
    • Check the performance and attitude of the driver
    • Provide a score card to our customers
  • Driver assisted and off-hour unassisted deliveries
What we do …
What it does for you …
Time Definite deliveries with 99% On-time Performance
You can manage your space and store labor more effectively and efficiently
Computerized Voice Response
Store Management can plan for deliveries to reduce disruption and cost
Store Scanning Capability
Gives you complete control and visibility of your most important asset – Your Inventory
Follow-up Performance Calls
Let us tell you how well we are performing before your District Manager does…lets us correct problems immediately
Over 4000 deliveries per Week
Peace of mind that you are dealing with a customer who understands the needs of retail customers