7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Warehouse

Choosing the proper warehousing company is essential for your home goods or commercial goods business, especially when you engage in international trading.

You need to ensure the warehouse you select covers your specific needs from location to equipment to capabilities and much more. In this article, you’ll learn seven factors and questions to ask when choosing a warehouse. Let’s take a look.

1. Is the Warehouse Staff Familiar With Handling Your Products?

One of the main questions to ask when choosing a warehouse: have you handled my type of products before?

You want to ensure they’re familiar with a few aspects of product handling:

  • Storage
  • Packaging
  • Loading plans
  • Technical handling

Choosing a warehousing company that knows the ins-and-outs- of handling your goods will not only save you money, it will make your customers happy and prevent fewer product returns.

2. Is Their Equipment Compatible With Your Product Needs?

Knowing how to handle your products is important. However, the warehouse should also use the correct equipment they use for packing, storing, and shipping. They need to be a good fit for the products you sell.

If your products require special conditions, you may need a warehouse that offers these things:

  • Temperature, humidity, and climate control
  • A forklift
  • A racking system that matches your product dimensions
  • Service and maintenance
  • Cargo storage for particular dimensions and weights
  • A sterile environment for delicate products such as technology products

Also, find out if the warehouse provides protection. This will shield your goods if they carry any risks.

3. Is the Location of the Warehouse Convenient for You?

The location of the warehouse is an important factor. It will make sure your products receive a timely delivery. When products arrive late it can incur additional expenses. 

Here are some points to consider before choosing the location:

  • Identify the region of your customer base
  • Consider if the location has access to efficient highways and good road access
  • Find out if the location provides good clearance for your trucks
  • Find a location that provides good proximity to your customers, and is convenient for your company

If the location is convenient it will add to the customer experience. And it will increase the efficiency of your company, too. You want your products to get to their destination fast.

4. How Secure Is the Warehouse?

Warehouse security is a must. You don’t want to choose a warehouse located in a bad crime area. Warehouse security will determine if your valuable goods are secure.

Make sure the warehouse has a top-rate alarm system with video cameras to prevent and deter theft and break-ins. This will increase the security of your goods. Also, find out if the warehouse staff is trained in the event a theft occurs.

Here are some systems and surveillance measures the warehouse should have:

  • An entrance that’s guarded as well as a guarded exit
  • A good surveillance system and equipment for monitoring inside and outdoor activities
  • Efficient system to manage inventory
  • A surveillance system that’s monitored regularly to ensure it works properly
  • A staff that maintains the warehouse surveillance equipment and system

Having the proper technology is important. But it’s critical for the system and equipment to be reviewed for efficiency regularly.

5. Can the Warehouse Facility Meet Your Product’s Storage Requirements?

When choosing a warehouse facility, it’s critical the warehouse can meet your company’s storage requirements. The first thing to do is assess what kind of storage requirements your products need. These questions will help you decide:

  • Does the warehouse offer bulk storage?
  • What is the square footage available for your products?
  • Can the warehouse guarantee that your stored goods will be compatible with other products stored in the same area? 

Ask the facility manager these important questions. It will make a big difference in choosing wisely.

6. Does the Warehouse Monitor and Adjust Conditions for Sensitive Goods?

Another crucial point when you sell sensitive goods is the adjustment of climate conditions. This is especially important if you sell pharmaceutical goods, hazardous materials, or perishable food items. Some products may need cool room storage.

This factor cannot be ignored. Improper conditions can cost you a lot of money. Or even cause you to enter into litigation if a customer decides to sue.

When storing sensitive goods, here are the questions to ask the warehouse manager before you make your decision:

  • How often do you monitor humidity and temperature (make sure it’s frequent)?
  • Are the entry and exit secured?
  • Will doors remain closed all day where your products are stored?
  • What are the risk management procedures and processes of the warehouse?

Storing goods with proper conditions is essential. This prevents food and chemical spoilage, product damages, and prevents significant losses.

7. Does the Warehouse Provide Other Services and Equipment You May Need?

Although you may not need every single extra service, it’s good practice for warehouses to offer additional services when the need arises. 

Here are some of the additional services your company may require:

  • State-of-the-art technical equipment
  • Around-the-clock loading and unloading services with effective video surveillance
  • Cargo in transit
  • A staff available when you need them
  • Mobile storage systems
  • Additional loading vehicles
  • Machines and equipment for non-standard goods dimensions
  • Warehousing vehicles
  • Loading vehicles

These extra services can offer you additional support. You never know when you may need them when something unexpected arises.

Choosing a Warehouse to Ensure the Safety, Security, and Productivity of Your Goods

Now you’re armed with the right questions to ask when choosing a warehouse. Knowing the benefits of warehouses will help you select the proper facility that meets the needs of your company. 

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